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Your account consists of the following stuff;

User Stuff

Your Points

These are the amount of points you've earned by helping out AnimeCrazy, for more info on this, please take a look at the Points System.

My Profile

This is your profile, the following information is presented here;

  • The hottest anime of the moment
  • Your username
  • Your Forum rank name
  • Your location
  • The link to your forum profile
  • Your avatar
  • Links to your messaging system, your friends system, your favourites and your blog.
  • Your AnimeCrazy rank and points
  • Your Bio, this is like your space for others to read.
  • Your latest favourites and blogs


On your favorites page you can keep quicklinks to your favorite anime series.

You can add series to your favorites By clicking their respective 'Add to favorites' button on the right side of the page of the anime serie you want to add.

Last Watched Episodes

This keeps quicklinks to your last watched episodes. You can add an episode as your last watched episodes by clicking on the Last Watched Episode button to the bottom-left of the AnimeCrazy video player.

NOTE: You can delete a last watched episode at any time by clicking on the red X in the Last Watched Episodes page, you do not need to remove an episode of the same series before adding another, it will be overwritten and the new last watched episode will be noted in the Last Watched Episode page.

Subscribed Anime

This keeps quicklinks to your subscribed anime. You can add an anime serie by clicking on the Add to Watching button on the right end of the anime series page. You can delete a subscription by clicking on the image left of the subsciption in the subscribed anime page.

NOTE: Subscribing to an anime which is still airing will mean you will get e-mails every time a new episode comes out, a known bug is that you'll get 40+ mails when a new episode has been added. Please check the Your Account#Preferences section.

Approve Episodes

This will list newly added episodes waiting for approval. Clicking on any one of them will open that episodes page, like normal, the only differences however, is that there will be a blue Approve and a red Disapprove box above the player and a list of people who approved the episode below the player. NOTE: Please check every episode for correct language and whether or not it has come out yet, especially with popular series. Approving of non-existant episodes will only cause for hatred on the comments and more work for hardworking people, like staff members. If the episode is not yet approved yet, you may even get angry messages.


By clicking on Preferences, you will be prompted to a pop-up window. This window is divided into;

  • Send Subscription Emails
  • Become Anonymous on Mirrors
  • Bio

Send Subscription emails

Send Subscription Emails depicts whether you want or don't want to receive email notification of new episodes of series you subscribed too. By default this is on, to set it off select Don't Send Emails.

Become Anonymouse on Mirrors.

If you want to stay anonymous, this is your checkbox. Quite honestly, I dislike this feature, but only because I like to make a top 10 for points.

I suggest turning this function off, if on. It's easier for other users to contact you if an episode is broken and some may even give you some kind words.


You can use the space below the Bio caption to leave a message for people who check your Your Account#My Profileprofile.

After setting all of your preferences, click the Submit Mirrors button. (Which needs to be changed, btw)

Log Out

This is simply, just what it says. Click it if you don't want your account to stay logged in.