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In here some of the basics of editing a wiki page will be discussed, this is ofcourse for the Users and Social Groups sections.

Making a page

Making a Users/Social Groups Page

First off you take the following link and add it to your address bar;

And you add your username/Social Groups name behind it. If you want to add a space, just use the spacebar don't use a _ unless your name contains it.

So if you're name is 'How are you_doing', you will need to go to this page; are you_doing

From there on you can edit your new page.

Getting you page added to the Users/Social Groups page

For users, simply add this to the bottom of your page;

\\Category:Portal:Users// (Replace // with ]] and replace \\ with [[ )

For Social Groups, simply add this to the bottom of your page;

\\Category:Portal:Social Groups// (Replace // with ]] and replace \\ with [[ )

Making a page in a page

You can make a page by editing an already existing page and adding a link to the new page, you do this in the following way;

\\Page title// or \\Page title|Text to Show// (Replace // with ]] and replace \\ with [[ )

You then save the page and follow the link to edit the new page.


Sections are area's such as this one, you can make a section by choosing a section heading in the dropdown menu at the leftmost area.

Section heading 2 is a section such as this. You can also make this section by typing;

==Section Title==


This is a subsection called section headin 3 in the dropdown menu, in the index it will be shown as;

-section title

--Subsection title

You can also make this section by typing;

===Subsection Title===

And so on.


You can add a signature;

Jumbojer 23:28, March 21, 2010 (UTC)

by typing in ~ four times.


You can insert templates by clicking on the Template dropdown box towards the right side of the edit bar. (5th from the right)

Doing so you can add premade formatted stuff such, but in all seriousness, the only one you should even try using is the Infobox.

HTML Infobox

Infobox html.jpg

More help needed?

Just go here;