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Okay, so the name wasn't the best choice. She could've done better, but is super uncreative. Plus, when asked, she has to explain, and didn't think of that ahead of time.


RL? People have those?[]

Is 1/4 Japanese, not learning Spanish anymore, and is an international affairs major with an emphasis in politics with a minor in Japanese. Really is into traveling and loves foreign cultures. She hates watching the news. She is not from anywhere. Really... She was handed over ownership of the Asian Club a long time ago. Plays Portal and Pokemon regularly, and believes Pokemon is hard work. Contrary to popular belief *cough*Nado*cough* she doesn't always eat food; the Asian Club thread really does make people hungry; it's true!

Told you.

Other stuff to know:

  • Don't ever ask where she's from.
  • Usually only hangs out in the Asian Club thread.
  • Is obsessed with Umineko and it's probably unhealthy.
  • Hates writing which is why this is so short.
  • She looks like a Mexican. Apparently.
  • Has a Companion Cube plushie named Kyu-chan, and gets called weird for thinking Companion Cubes are cute.