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Your User CP is like your headquarters. In here you can select preferences for the forum.

Basic View

This is the view you'll see when you've just entered the User CP.

In here you'll see new posts in subscribed threads, subscribed forums or social group discussions.

You will also be able to view all of the infractions you have received.

Your Profile

Edit Your Details

In this section you can change your account details.

Here you can;

  • Reset your e-mail/password.
  • Change your gender
  • Change your date of birth, and whether or not it should be displayed and how.
  • Enter homepage, ICQ, AIM, MSN, Yahoo and Skype contact details.
  • Write a biography.
  • State where you live
  • Your interests
  • Your occupation

Profile Privacy

In this section you can choose to allow or disallow certain or all users access to viewing your;

  • Contact Info
  • Profile Picture
  • Visitor Messages
  • Albums
  • About me
  • Friends List
  • Recent Visitors
  • Group Memberships

Edit Profile Picture

In this section you can upload a profile picture by url or upload via the home pc.

Profile pictures do not need to be personal pictures.


Contacts and friends

In this section all your friends will be listed, you can also search for your friends. There's also an option to turn off/on the avatars next to the friends' names in the top left.

In here you can;

  • Add/Remove people to/from your friends list
  • Find your friends
  • Add/remove contacts

Social Groups

By clicking on this link you will be taken to the Social Groups section, more about this here.

Pictures and Albums

Clicking on this link will take you to a you're albums, more about this here.

Settings & Options

Edit Avatar

You can add an avatar here, you can do so by either uploading directly from your PC or via URL.

NOTE; You can only add an avatar after having made 30 forum posts.

Edit Signature

You can add a signature here, a signature is something that is added below every one of your posts.

Your signature can contain text and 1 picture, this 1 picture can be added by scrolling further down uploading it directly from your PC or via URL. To add in your signature picture, please use this code; [SIGPIC][/SIGPIC] (Don't put anything in between).

You can also upload from an url by using this code;

[SIGPIC=url][/SIGPIC] In this case, replace url with the link to the image. (Thanks go to WMVMW for pointing this out) Since this takes in valuable characters, try using

NOTE; You can only add a signature after having made 100 forum posts.

Edit Email and Password

Simply what it says, in here you can edit your email address and your password.

Edit Options

In here you can edit certain forum settings, below is a small list of stuff you can edit and what it does;

  • Use Invisible Mode, by checking this box, your userrname will not be visible in the active userlist.
  • Allow VCard downloads, by checking this box, you allow people to download a VCard containing your Email address and Username.
  • Receive Email from Administrators, if you want the admins to be able to contact you, check this box.
  • Receive Email from Other Users, if you want other users to be able to email you, check this box.
  • Receive Friendship Request Email, if you want to receive emails upon receiving friendship requests, please check this box.
  • Default Thread Subscription Mode, this allows you to change whether or not and if so, how often an email is sent to you with subscription reply notifications.
  • Enable Private Messaging, if you want your private messaging system to work, check this box.
  • Receive Private Messages only from Contacts and Moderators, checking this box will disallow strangers to private message you.
  • Receive Email Notification of new Private Messages, by checking this box you will receive instant email notification upon receiving a new private message.
  • Show New Private Message Notification Pop-up, by checking this box, you will be presented with a pop-up when you're on the forums and have a new private message.
  • Save a copy of sent messages in my Sent Items folder by default, by checking this you will be able to check back at what you sent to other people.
  • Enable Visitor Messaging, by checking this box you allow people to comment on your profile page.
  • Limit usage of Visitor Messages to Contacts and Moderators, by checking this box you disallow strangers to use your private messaging system.
  • Show Signatures, by checking this box you will see signatures in threads.
  • Show Avatars, by checking this box you will see avatars in threads.
  • Show Images, by checking this box you will see images in threads.
  • Thread Display Mode, here you can set whether to show the oldest post first or the newest post first.
  • Number of Posts to Show per Page, the name says it all. (Forum default is 10)
  • Default Thread Age Cut Off, when set to a time, any treads that haven't received an answer within that time are not shown. (Forum Default is Show all Threads)
  • Time Zone, all the times (last posted, etc) will be in the time schedule selected here.
  • Daylight Savings Time, In the northern countries of the world (mostly North-America, Canada and Europe) advance clocks by 1 hour, which is called summertime and wintertime. Set it to automatically detect if you set your location. If it doesn't work for you (or it does and it shouldn't) put it to always on/off. (Forum Default is Automatic Detection)
  • Start of the Week, with this you can set your countries start of the week day. This only applies to the calendar and will make it so that it'll look correct to you.(Forumm Default is Sunday)
  • Message Editor Interface, changing this should change your message posting options, yet I haven't seen a difference so you should just keep this at default.
  • Forum Skin, This changes the colors of the forums, do note that the AnimeC Darker skin provides bad text coloring in blogs. (Meaning that you can't read it unless you select it)

Edit Ignore List

In here you can add people to your ignore list, these people can't message you (PM/VM), won't be able to see your blogs and their posts will be made invisible.

To remove a user from your ignore list, un-check the box associated with their name and click the 'Save Changes' button. To add a user to the list, enter their name into the empty text box and click 'Okay'.

Private Messages

In here all things associated with Private Messages, such as an inbox, can be found.

List Messages

This will list your messages, you can switch between your inbox and your sent box.

There is a bar to the top, green is free space, yellow is sent copies and red are received messages, (You are allowed a conjoined maximum of 60 copies/received messages)

If you scroll to the bottom you will see a filter in the middle, a legacy to the left, a download as area to the right and above the download as area is a selected messages feature. The selected messages feature can be used to remove messages to make room for new ones, selected messages only does this to the messages which's box has been checked to the right of the message.

Send New Message

This will open up a post interface (the interface you see when you post in a thread), You set a recipient username, a title and a message and click Submit Message. Couldn't be easier.

Track Messages

Work in progress, don't know what this does.

Edit Folders

In here you can add folders other then Inbox and Sent Items. Do note that your maximum allowed messages is still 60.

In here you can also delete all of the messages in a forum at once by clicking on the Empty Folder link.

Subscribed Threads

In here you manage subscriptions on threads, as the title would tell you.

List Subscriptions

In here you can list all of the threads you subscribed to, in the lower-right area you can use the Selected Threads feature. With the selected

threads feature, you can change the folder a subscription is in, you can delete subscriptions and you can change the notification type.

Edit Folders

Basically the same as the PM's Edit Folder area. Except that you can't delete all of your subscribed threads in a folder on this page.


Event Reminders

Work in Progress... not enough data...

Most likely tis shows all of the events you added to the calendar.


This lists all of the attachments you posted, unless you posted an attachment for people to download, please consider removing old attachments. If everyone does so, the forum and site will speed up.


When you first see this area, you ma think to yourself 'Hey, where did the options go?!' But in this case, you're supposed to click on the underlind word Blog. This will take you to your Blog Options.

Here are the options available to you in the Blog Options page;

  • Allow Comments to be Posted, by checking this box, people will be allowed to post in your blogs like a comments section.
  • Moderate Comment Before Displaying, set this to on if you want to be a dictator who decides what people say, or if you just don't want people to use abusive words.
  • Members on your Ignore list may View your Blog, by checking this box, people on your ignore list will be able to see your blogs.
  • Members on your Ignore list may Leave Comments on your Blog Entries, by checking this box, people on your ignore list may post comments on your blogs.
  • Other Members may View your Blog, by checking this box members who are not in your contacts/friends list and not on your ignore list will be able to see your blogs.
  • Other Members may Leave Comments on your Blog Entries, by checking this box, members who are not in your contacts/friends list and not on your ignore list may post comments on your blogs.
  • Guests may View your Blog, by checking this box, people who have not registered to the forums can see your blogs.
  • Guests may Leave Comments on your Blog Entries, by checking this box, people who have not registered to the forums can leave comments on your blogs.
  • Spam Prevention API Key, 32-bit Encryption for security/anti-spam, don't meddle with this unless you know what you're doing.
  • Default Subscription Mode: Blog Entries, If you set it to any of the notification types, you will be notified of any new comments on the blogs you have made.
  • Default Subscription Mode: Blog Comments, if you set this to any of the notification types, you will be notified of any new comments in a blog in which you have commented in already.