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Is the main antagonist in the forum section of It is speculated that he was the creator of regardless of the lack of proof, the majority of AC users specifically his fan base believe in this speculation. He is fully aware and takes great pride in his skills of debating (undefeated baby!!!!!). He is the greatest user in Animecrazy. He also became the most well-known user from the moment he reveals himself up to the final ride of the said site.








Half Man Half Amazing



Hair Color



Unknowned is known for his hospitality for giving his enemies a chance to insult him (though, later he will wreck them apart), his kindness (most specifically because he is so famous he let other users take the stage for them to become popular in the site, he usually post a blog about a certain user that contains negative things about them), he is also considered by many a hot-headed person (He gets mad at things like fellow forum users tell him how cool he is, how intelligent he is, etc., he was so sick with it, like almost every minute they are complimenting him when he himself knows it's freaking obvious). Overall Unknowned is just a simple guy yet a rather complex character.


It is a known fact that whenever Unknowned is in a heated argument he will literally show his unlimited knowledge in order to bury his opponent and make him look like a fool. He can also flirt with girls with a 101% success like no other users can do.


Beginning Arc (aka the Zack/Cheat2win Arc)[]

  According to himself, he was already a member of before the site even started and around 2011 he finally introduced himself and made a dual account called Zack & Cheat2win. Hence, the start of a new era begins. Using his account known as "Zack" and made his very post under this account, all other users were impressed and they literally befriended him but on the other side, his other account known as "Cheat2win" wreaked havoc by harassing and trolling other users, mods and admin were no exception. Weeks have passed, "Zack" continued his act of kindness and "Cheat2Win" kept his act of arrogance. However when he posted photos, his biggest mistake was using the same account in an image hosting site and eventually got busted by one AC moderator named Freya. Unknowned wasn't surprised by what had happened since he masterfully planned everything from the beginning. However, moderators eventually posted harsh things about him according to his arrogance and foolishness but later did they know that they are dealing with a person of great intelligence as he strikes back and trolls them, putting fear to his fellow AC users, lowering their morale or confidence as if it feels like they were about to commit suicide. The Admins, Mods, and other Users finally decided that they cannot defeat or handle Unknowned in a fair match so they decided to ban all his accounts and forever got perished in AC.      

The Return Arc[]

  Unknowned felt disgusted from the ban he received, he vows to return and make a new account. As soon as he created his new account he literally posted a blog about the moderator who found out his secret and suspected her for being one of the Moderators who agreed to throw him out of the forum. The content of the blog is all about the negativity of the certain mod and this is the very first blog posted by Unknowned and immediately became the fastest blog that reaches 200+ comments (additional information: "Unknowned" made plenty of blogs that became popular in the AC Forum). Most comments contain subject criticizing Unknown's post and a certain member named "Hollow X" who became a moderator after this event came to aid his fellow AC user/mod Freya (rumors tell that they are lovers)  Thus, the war between the great Unknown and the peasant Hollow x started. The war didn't take long, Hollow X got body bagged and surrendered quickly and then he realized he cannot win against Unknowned so he cried for help from the other moderators which didn't make any difference to be honest considering how powerful Unknowned is. Even the joint forces of the moderators and administrators simply couldn't defeat Unknowned thus, it leads to another ban bestowed to him.  

The Mulitple Accounts  War Arc[]

  Weeks have passed Unknowned whom in the real-world is known to be a very busy person, a businessman, in short he is a success. He has finally returned to AC with his newly registered account. He trolls different users from different threads and getting banned repeatedly, but that did not stop him from creating more accounts right after he gets the ban as he continues to wreak havoc on the forum. The newly-promoted mod Hollow X has found a way to track Unknowned by tracing his IP address from where he registered his last account and they had success though for a short period of time only. Every time Unknowned register a new account the moderators will immediately ban him w/o even making his first post in his new account, all eyes are on him because he is such a beast. It is believed that he made around 30 plus accounts during that war and all of it got ban forever. His stubbornness made life miserable for the Admins and Mods resulting on them getting schooled yet again. This time the admins and mods got bolder and took the punishment for Unknowned a bit further by banning his IP address. But before they made this decision, Unknowned already planned this out in the middle of the war since he knows everything he just changes his IP Address and "boom" he successfully registered a new account and able to pass the security just like a "BOSS".      

The Rise of the Unknowned Arc[]

Months have passed, Unknowned who eventually outsmarted the Admins & Mods on the previous Arc had finally stayed silent not causing any illegal behavior that will literally cause him being caught. He is now registered as Unknowned. Being bored, Unknowned decided to reveal himself and eventually Hollow X sent him a PM telling him that the Admins and other Mods have decided to not ban him and from that day on forward Unknowned became the most well known AC user. He debated with other users and that ends up getting schooled by him, his blogs were an instrument of inspiration to other fellow AC users, his threads became the hangouts of majority of the users in AC because wherever Unknowed is, no matter what thread it is either the one that he made or from a not well-known user it will automatically bring tons of crowd as long as he hangs out in that thread. Due to this, Unknowned has his own fanbase and his fellow AC users are his followers. Enjoying his success, suddenly Unknowed decided to take a hiatus from the AC Forum Community.

AC's Farewell Arc[]

The shocking news was announced, one of the Administrators called PSPfanatic had decided to close AC for good. Moderators and AC users were happy about this news and including Unknowned.


Destructive Power Speed Range Durability


Multi-Planet Buster Level At least Mach 100+ (Massively Hypersonic Level) At least one red dwarf diameter Planet Level Can fight within the span of two years w/o eating, drinking etc. Near Godly Level


  • Despite of his popularity. Unknowned never won any AC awards because most of them agreed that he is over qualified on any categories.
  • Unknowned blogs have became the most visited blog of any user have posted and had gather a thousands of comments.
  • Unknowned had never tasted any defeat when debating no matter what topic is being discussed.
  • Even with his popularity and his influence on why AC became successful, Unknowned was never promoted to an Admin or Moderator due to the fact he is above them.
  • Unknowned holds the record for most accounts banned in other words he owned the Admin and Moderators causing them headaches.
  • Unknowned is the first and only user who got inducted to AC Hall of Fame.