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drawn by Carry

Ugetadeathnote is a typical AC user with some interesting qualities: he's 6'11", 258Lb, extremely patriotic, writes poetry, can sail you into the ground, can do the same thing bowling, likes Death Note, has a wooden leg, enjoys trolling chatroulette, and, if you DARE to insult his lil' Norey, he will find you and rip your throat out.

Say what?

CONTRARY to... not-so-common belief, he is the REAL Kira.

ALL unusual deaths in the world can be chalked up to him, not the imposter calling himself Light-Silencer.

Ugetadeathnote can often be found sitting under Sakura trees in this awesome little grove right near his apartment with his lil' Norey while listening to Green Day, killing the person who just won the international poker championship after making him write out his will to him first(hence his tech lab), going on dates with his lil' Norey, sniping claypigeons with his lil' Norey, bowling with his lil' Norey, sailing with his lil' Norey, and yelling at the fool senior who just tried to take a frosh's lunch money.

Ummm... yeah.

Ugetadeathnote is 6'11", 258Lb, Lebonese, olive-skinned, and extremely sexy. He is an incredibly dangerous person to mess with, not only because of his size, but also his heritage(he is descended(indirectly) from Saladin of the Crusades ;P). However, once you get to know him you will find him to be tender, kind, easy-to-please, funny, clean (both physically and verbally), and generally the guy you wanna be talking to on the subway.

Political views: Ugetadeathnote is highly right-wing, preferring lower taxes and better opportunity for everyone to succeed, and knows that these liberal idiots what with their health care BS and welfare are gonna make the country go bankrupt.

A sample of his poetry:

Final Thoughts

Blood soaked.

One leg gone.

Shell shock.

Yet I live on.

To hear the buzz of flying bullets.

To feel the thud of blazing cannons.

To do what I can.

To live for my country.

Death is simply another part of life.

A medium, perhaps?

More than that…

The end of the battle that is life.

For one, perhaps, it is the start of another;

An ever-raging war within…

Not within.

Trapping the spirit.

But for most, it is the final peace;

The rest of one’s soul;

Our eternal bed.

Knowing this,I die for my country;

And yet, I live on,

To join my fallen comrades.

I stand.

I fire.


I stagger.

No more ammo.

I draw my knife.

I leap forward.

I kill.

I die.

I Live.