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"So, I herd u leik Mudkipz..."

-Tsuki ni

Tsuki ni is a user on the the Animecrazy forums, and a former hardworking member of the Dramacrazy staff. Despite her

ಌ Chibi Angel ಌ
Asami, in her most recent photo.

First Name:


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(It's a secret)


Tsuki ni




Japanese-American Immigrant





apathetic demeanor, she actually cares about some people and generally tries to help whenever possible. Tsuki ni has been known to be blunt and direct, speaking her mind without caring what others may think of what she says. She can also be bubbly and friendly at times, depending on her mood, but this is often a rare sight.

Girl Next Door

When she's not on Animecrazy or studying for exams, Tsuki ni likes to go shopping with her sisters or out spending time with friends. She often skateboards around her neighborhood, but can't perform any advanced tricks, barely being able to jump over an overturned bottle. At home however, Tsuki ni spends most of her time in her room, either listening to music or playing around with her puppy. On the rare occasions that she ventures out of her room, the kitchen is her perferred place to go.


  • Languages: Japanese, Spanish, English
  • Education: University student (Nursing)
  • Favorite Music: R&B, Hip Hop, Rap, Screamo, Classic
  • Favorite Food: Fried octopus
  • Favorite Dramas: You're Beautiful, She's Nineteen, Romatic Island
  • Favorite Sports: Tennis, Jogging, Skateboarding
  • Favorite Video Games: S4, Pokemon, World of Warcraft (former), The Legend of Zelda, Final Fantasy, Mario, Kingdom Hearts
  • Favorite Pokemon: Mudkip


  • Tsuki ni, or Tsuki for short, has been one of the most active posters on the forums since she joined, averaging at nearly 300 posts a day, and even managed to get 33,000 posts in only 6 months.
  • Tsuki ni has uploaded over 1,000 mirrors to Dramacrazy in under 72 hours.
  • She never remains in one section of the forums for long, preferring to work on Dramacrazy or play around in Chat Thread.
  • Tsuki doesn't accept friend requests, limiting her friends list to the few she speaks to frequently.
  • Tsuki is a former member of the Dramacrazy staff, focusing on fixing broken episodes and specializes in Korean drama and movies.
  • KcBleach is her long lost triplet and older sister.
  • Angierox is her secret lover, whom she calls "Darling".


  • Tsuki ni is from Japan, but dislikes weeaboos.
  • She hates Gintama, but likes Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo.
  • Pie is better than cake.
  • Tsuki actually doesn't care for Naruto, One Piece, or Bleach, preferring obscure anime series.
  • She's Asian, but is rather bad at Math.
  • Harry Potter and The Dresden Files are two of her favorite novels.
  • One of her favorite sayings is, "so i herd u leik mudkipz".
  • Monday Night Raw is one of Tsuki's favorite television shows, she has watched it every week with her father.
  • Tsuki refers to herself as a "stuck up bitch".
  • Twilight remains one of her least favorite things of all time.
  • She has over 200 pairs of shoes.