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Synergy - Moving with great speed of shin seijuro!

Random stuff[]

Diqs is awesome >:O Why? Because I said so. Diqs likes MMOs, Diqs plays them a lot. I mean A LOT a lot. Lord of all Diq's busy with school so he's never around though. Duke of Diq's also a fan of Soccer/Footballl (Take your pick, they're the same thing).

Dem Diqs likes hiking and camping...and does annual charities to get tax breaks

Kira's best friend is tom cruise, theyre both heavily involved in scientology

Diqs likes cake. Actually, I diqs know if diqs does, but diqs diqs.

Section heading[]

-BigBangAttack! wuz here~

-So Was Tony_Walther-

Shut up fags. _Whewt loves u_

Laughed at by Kira[]


More Laughter.

Diqs sells me drugs. : O

Trident Tackle[]

  • Trident Tackles Syn* :>