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Pistachio20 is a super moderator at Animecrazy. In addition, he has held the highest post count in Animecrazy for several months, leading people to believe he has no life. This concept was however reinforced when long time top five poster DeathView overtook him, leading to a binge of sorrow on the priors behalf. He is often playing Playstation 3 or reading manga/watching anime.

Pistachio20's Favorites

It is commonly known around Animecrazy that pistachio20 has a large love for several characters, mostly L (Death Note), Jack Rakan (Mahou Sensei Negima) and Sogeking (One Piece). He loves Mountain Dew, it is his favorite drink. If he does not consume at least a liter a day, he will go into a coma or at least be cranky. His favorite Ice cream, as one may guess, is pistachio flavored, but he'll eat any flavor. Favorite animes include Gintama, One Piece, Death Note and other Shounen. Favorite Manga includes One Piece, Mahou Sensei Negima, Kinnikuman and Hoshi no Samidere. His favorite games are generally either RPGs such as Dragon Quest VIII or Final Fantasy X or Zombie Killing such as Resident Evil 4.

Other Random Information

  • His tendency to eat a lot has led many members to believe he is a fatty who can eat everything.
  • He has read over 17,000 chapters of manga, totaling around 95 days worth
  • Hates emos, non-joking arrogant people, trolls and misanthropists.
  • He is considered too lazy to be evil and is generally on the side of good even in video games where you can be good or evil.
  • His profile is spammed by the users known as Kira and Memica.
  • Many people have said (after seeing his real picture) that he closely resembles L.
  • He has been using the same Avatar for over a year with only brief changes on a whim.
  • He believes himself to be the King of Snipers. I don't believe, I am the King of the Snipers.
  • He writes the most popular manga on AC :O called My Ho! Sensei P20~!
  • He once shot the eye of a fairyfly from 2,000 yards away.