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Onepiece99's awesomely badass avi

Who is Onepiece99?

Some guy that likes One Piece. Ah he's also a moderator on animecrazy.


  • Onepiece99 likes to play with his goat. What games though is still a mystery...
  • Onepiece99 hates to be called Naruto99. (lies, he still loves it :P -edit by memi-) (No I don't D: - edit by op99-) (He loves being called Sakura99 though -you know who edited this. :>)
  • Onepiece99 has over 40,000 posts on Animecrazy's forum.
  • Onepiece99 likes a British car series called Top Gear.
  • Onepiece99 has been trying to win the Bounty Game for over a year now...
  • His awesomely badass avi is made by Bionsan.
  • He has an awesome secretary called Memica <3 m.m