Ofcourse, a lot of people have been bothered by the MegaVideo time limit. So here's a few tips and tricks to bypass it. Most only work half of the time.

Quite frankly, I suggest using the illimitux way.


If you wish to bypass the MegaVideo time limit, use the illimitux addon for Firefox, more info and a how to, can be found here;

Offline Mode

Step 1: When you click play on a megavideo video, click pause and allow the video to buffer all the way to 100%.

Step 2: Once the video is done buffering, go to your menu bar on your browser, and click on "file">"work offline"

Step 3: Watch Video.

Time Limit Will Appear When You're Offline Also..

Step 4: Unclick the work offline Button.

Step 5: Refresh You're Megavideo Page And Jump Through To Were It Stopped!

Enjoy! (Unplugging your internet works for more people)


Like megaleeching, there is also megastreaming. Some megastream sites;

Paste the url in the searchboxes of those sites.


Go to this page MaxEdRoom: MaxMegaVideo and on right side is a link you right click on and save as a Bookmark or a Favorite. Then go to any Megavideo Movie Page (Click on a Embedded Video to Go To The Megavideo Page) and then click on your bookmark. You will within 30 secs be redirected to the hack page where you can watch (and Download) the Megavideo with no time limit.

Replacing Video with Porn

NOTE; This may trigger some 18+ images, as such please don't use this lest you be of legal age in your country.

The Megavideo player has a time limit of 72 minutes and then asks you to wait for 42 minutes before you can watch more. The Mega porn player has a time limit of 31 minutes and then also asks you to wait for 42 minutes before you can watch more.

(So all you do is copy the ?v=######### and place it after the MEGAVIDEO - I'm watching it or the mega porn respectively) Of Course once you start the second player you will want to place the marker where you left off on the movie you were watching.

If you do the math you will understand that after you watched your first 72 minutes of video with the Megavideo player, you can go and and watch another 31 minutes of the same video or any other using the second player. When the second player runs out of time after 31 minutes, you will only have 11 minutes left to wait to be able to start watching in the first player again (just enough time to get up from your chair for a few minutes and maybe go grab some chips in the kitchen...). Then by the time you get through your second 72 minutes in the first player the second player will have been long ready to play another 31 minutes again. and you can keep doing that, for as long as you want... So this way you can watch Megavideo links Almost non-stop with only a little downtime of 11 minutes per each 114 minutes.


Just Go to

Paste in the url for the megavideo you want to watch, and you can watch the movie in better video quality and with DIVX Player with no time Limit. As a Side Note This will also work for Video Is Still Converting Movies.


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