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Strengths and Weaknesses

The major strength of the fruit lies in it's ability to become cloud itself, granting the user an intangible body. In addition to this the user is able to produce clouds that have a variety of effects, most commonly are regular clouds that have no special properties to them. Sora is able to control the density of the clouds to the point of them resembling Iron Cloud from Skypiea. Sora has been known to utilize Storm Clouds as well, granting him the ability to summon rain, hail and even lightning if given the time. As with all things, the Kumo Kumo no Mi as a few known weaknesses. The major one being lightning. Due to the moisture that makes up clouds, Sora can be hit with Lightning even while in his Cloud form. Aside from that, the standard devil fruit weakness apply.


The Kumo Kumo no Mi resembles a bundle of Grapes, only white in color with light blue and yellow swirls surrounding it.


Sora's most known method for using his fruit is in the creation of large and dense clouds at ground level. Creating an eerie and unnatural fog around the area in order to hinder opponents vision. Sora has learned how to harness the abilities of a storm using a method he simply refers to as "Storm Mode". A list of named techniques are listed below.
*Sky's Wall: (空の壁 Sora no kabe, literally meaning "Sky's Wall") A large circular shaped super dense cloud is formed in front of Sora, this cloud is dense enough to withstand physical attacks and thick enough to trap whatever gets through it, unless the force of the attack pushes it all the way to the other side.
*Cloud Nine: (雲 9 kumo 9, literally meaning "Cloud Nine") Sora forms a smaller, lighter cloud and jumps on it. He uses this as one of his main ways of transportation. This method allows him to travel great heights with speed and ease.
*Heaven's Armor: (天の鎧 Ten'noyoroi, literally meaning "Heaven's Armor") Sora forms a thick layer of cloud around either a part of his body or his entire body, this enhances his defenses in addition to granting him extra range in his melee attacks if needed.
**Clone: (クローン Kurōn, literally meaning "Clone") While in full Heaven's Armor, Sora will sometimes create a cloud that resembles his shape, confusing enemies.
*Choking Mist: (ミスト窒息 Misuto chissoku, literally meaning "Choking Mist") Sora summons a cloud on the ground that will replicate the effects that high altitude can have, making it harder for those within the cloud to breathe.
*Cloud's Assault: (雲の攻撃 Kumo no kōgeki, literally meaning "Cloud's Assault") Sora summons several large clouds together that combine with each other. Soon afterwords it will shoot outwards in a single large pillar or several smaller ones
===Storm Mode===

Sora has stated that continued use of his Devil Fruit revealed to him that he could create more then just plain clouds, but those with the properties of harsh weather in them as well. He calls this ability "Storm Mode". Below are a list of attacks he has used during Storm Mode.
*Rainy Day: (不時 Fuji, literally meaning "Rainy Day") Sora summons many rain clouds that surround the sky above, a harsh downpour follows.
**Hail Storm: (雹の嵐 Hyōnoarashi, literally meaning "Hail Storm") An attack that can be used while Rainy Day is active, the rain turns into sharp and harsh hail.
*Storm Fist: (嵐の拳 Arashi no ken, literally meaning "Storm Fist") Sora forms a very dense black cloud in front of him that contains the properties of a storm, he punches into the cloud and releases the contents of it, sending a mixture of rain and lightning outwards.
*Indignation: (憤り Ikidōri, literally meaning "Indignation") One of Sora's strongest attacks, after amassing a large amount of storm clouds into a single point, lightning begins to crackle from them, sending down a bolt of lightning that strikes whatever is below the amassed clouds.

*Sora has said that the fruit tasted so bad it killed him for at least 10 seconds.
*Among it's same class, The Kumo Kumo no Mi shares similarities to the Kaze Kaze no Mi and the Moku Moku no Mi.
*The Fruit's natural enemy is the Goro Goro no Mi.

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