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Kaze Kaze no Mi
Japanese Name: カゼカゼの実
English Name: Wind Wind Fruit
Meaning: Kaze is from "Kaze", which is Japanese for "wind"
First Appearance: One Piece Strong World
Type: Logia
Eaten by: Emilie De Rochefort


The Kaze Kaze no Mi appears in the shape of a large apple with the common devil fruit swirls over it. It's blue with a green spiraling stem. As with all Devil Fruits, the Kaze Kaze no Mi tastes remarkably disgusting. Emilie has been quoted saying, "It tasted so bad that I had bad dreams for a week after eating it".

Strengths and Weaknesses

This fruit allows the user to generate powerful gusts of wind from their limbs and body as demonstrated by Emilie. These bursts of air can vary in intensity and range depending on the width of the blast. Wide ranged bursts of air can reach speeds equal to hurricane winds, easily blowing away lightweight targets. Narrowing the burst of air will result in a spiraling reinforced stream that is capable of piecing weak armor. By enveloping the host in air and riding on a glider-like device the user can travel at high speeds along a "wind road" of sorts, nicknamed the "Jet Stream" by Emilie. The user can also envelope their limbs in a spiraling current of air in order to increase the damage they can deal through melee combat, as well as enhancing the cutting power and range of bladed weapons. By producing a thin current of air from the users legs, they can also "ride the wind" allowing them to maneuver faster. As with all Logia type Devil Fruit, the user can also become air, allowing ordinary non-haki or Devil Fruit based attacks to phase through the user's intangible body, though the user leaves themselves venerable from different types of attacks in this form.

This devil fruit comes with equal part advantages and disadvantages. One weakness is that the user is only able to manipulate air in a 30 meter radius. Its other weaknesses lie in the fact that it is highly affected by temperature change, making a transformed user's air body expand exponentially and unable to control their body when exposed to a large heat source, such as Mera Mera no Mi or Magu Magu no Mi users. In addition to the user's body being weak to high temperature, their attacks being attacks are also swallowed up by a large fire, thus making this fruit's abilities ineffective against fire wielding enemies. As with heat, the user is also susceptible to severe cold, as the user's attacks and intangible body become more dense, thus making them slower, limiting their speed and range severly. With a large enough drop in temperature, the user is unable to transform their body at all. This makes the user especially venerable while against a user of the Hie Hie no Mi.

While the user is able to "fly" while transformed, they cannot achieve this above 200ft due to atmosphere change. Another psudo weakness it that while the user is transformed, they are not invisible as with regular air, but the user takes on a distinct semi transparent, shimmering color, much like water vapor evaporating in a desert. Aside from these, the user is affected by the standard Devil Fruit weaknesses.


Manipulation of air grants the user an increase in agility and maneuverability thus giving the user the upper hand against most common enemies in most land based battles.

Below are the known techniques:

  • Blowback: (ブローバック Burōbakku, literally meaning "Blow back") A powerful gust of air that Emilie creates with a wide range. This attack blows back weak projectiles, and in stronger bursts, people, providing a decent defense from mediocre non-piercing attacks.
  • Jetstream: (ジェットストリーム Jettosutorīmu, literally meaning "Jet Sream") Emilie creates a spiraling ranged attack using reinforced wind. This attack can pierce weak armor and can reach up to 10 meters.
  • Sky Ride: (スカイライド Sukairaido, literally meaning "Sky Ride") Emilie uses her glider to ride artificial air currents. This allows her to travel at a greater speed over long distances. However, she is inacapable of doing this over open water sources.
  • Pressure Bullet: (圧力の弾丸Atsuryoku no dangan, literally meaning "Pressure Bullet") Emilie fires a condensed burst of air that travels at high speed. This can cause internal damage if hit repeatedly.
  • Maelstrom: (大渦巻き Dai uzumaki, literally meaning "Maelstrom") This is a more powerful defensive technique where the entire body is surrounded by a dome of violent air that deflects mediocre attacks from all directions.

Tempest Style

A weapon isn't the only thing capable of severing a limb.
— Emilie De Rochfort, Okama Pirates

After having the Kaze Kaze no Mi for nearly her entire life, Emilie has mastered it the point of developing her own unique fighting style. It utilizes the piercing winds of her Devil Fruit with the bone crushing power of Monegasque-Gymnastic Street Fighting Style to first break down an enemy's defenses then and then deliver the finishing blow on the crippled target(s) with bone snapping percision. Emilie says the combination of the two allows her to "totally destroy [her] enemies, leaving nothing behind."

  • Tailwind: (追い風 Oikaze, literally meaning "Tail Wind") Uses wind generated by the user to maneuver at high speeds on the ground. Allows longer and higher leaps.

    Emilie, using tailwind to maneuver quicker.

  • Hurricane Breath: (ハリケーンブレス Harikēnburesu, literally meaning "Hurricane Breath") Emilie quickly exudes a powerful sweeping gust of air from her lungs. She usually uses it only in emergencies or when caught off-guard.
  • Cyclone Fist: (サイクロンの拳 Saikuron no ken, literally meaning "Fist of the Cyclone") Used in Tempest style, Emilie creates a powerful current of air from her fist that swerves toward her opponent. Causes concussive force damage.
  • Gale-force Fist: (ゲイルフォースの拳 Geirufōsu no ken, literally meaning "Fist of the Gale Force") Highly compressed currents of air is built up around Emilie's fists so that an explosive-like force of wind is released on impact. This is a highly advanced technique, and requires a moment of uninterrupted concentration, reducing its effectiveness in particularly hectic fights.
  • Kami Kaze: (神風 Kamikaze, literally meaning "Divine Wind") A full powered attack that summons a powerful blast of air with tornado force winds and can clear a small battlefield of medium strength opponents. This requires Emilie's full concentration and a large amount of preparation time.
  • Pressure Blast: (圧力のブラスト Atsuryoku no burasuto, literally meaning "Blast Pressure") Emilie throws a small ball of compressed air. It causes similar effects to Pressure Bullet, but more is powerful and less accurate. She can "flick" them from her fingertips to increase their accuracy while decreasing the impact.
  • Air Slash: (エアスラッシュ Easurasshu, literally meaning "Air Slash") Emilie swipes a thin, but extremely compressed current of wind in a slashing motion. The wind is strong enough to cleave through a man hiding behind a steel shield and continue on for several feet. The wind can be produced directly from Emili, but she can also combine it with weapon swings, increasing its destructive potential.


  • According to Emilie the Kaze Kaze no Mi tasted like "barbequed vomit".
  • The Kaze Kaze no Mi shares many similarities with the Kumo Kumo no Mi and the Moku Moku no Mi. All have smoke-like elemental forms and similar styled techniques.
  • Among Logia class Devil Fruits, the Kaze Kaze no Mi is the only one that has three direct counters within the same class, the Magu Magu no Mi, the Mera Mera no Mi, and the Hie Hie no Mi.

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