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Jumbojer is the creator of the AnimeCrazy Wiki, and he has many FTW moments a day.

Jumbojer is like the guardian angel of Animecrazy, he's very much an unsung hero and deserves an award for the effort he pours into the site daily~

Jumbojer has a thoroughly hilarious and random name.

Jumbojer makes me happy. O.o

Can we mess around in here? Or should a funny page be made or something like that. It would be unique.

Jumbojer likes Pandas~

There never was a post here, no uberpowers have been used to change the course of history to change this section. >.> <.<

;; D <3 you Jumboooooo.

There was nothing here... Ever... <,<

Jumbojer reminds me of a Jumbo cereal box. *drools*

Jumbojer is sick 300 days per year.

he has headache 24/7

he suffers from insomnia