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Gamu Gamu no Mi
Japanese Name: ガムガムの実
English Name: Game Gamu no Mi
Meaning: "Gamu" is the Japanese pronounciation for "gum".
First Appearance: One Piece Strong World
Type: Paramecia
Eaten by: Elric Knight

The Gamu Gamu no Mi (Bubblegum) is a Paramecia type Devil Fruit that allows the controller to produce pink bubbegum from his body and manipulate it. It was consumed by Elric Knight at a young age as he was exploring the wilderness with his brother.


A round bright pink fruit. It also has the typical swirls that most Devil Fruits share. It tastes extremely sweet to such an extent that it is probably the sweetest tasting thing in the world as such it tastes extremely bad.

Strengths and Weaknesses

This devil fruit allows Elric to create a pink bubblegum from anywhere on his body. He can manipulate the form, adhesiveness and elasticity of the gum as long as he has contact with it. He can also quickly harden it but then it loses it's adhesiveness and elasticity. It's colour darkens when it is hardened. The gum is also strong enough to lift heavy objects without tearing. He can also fire the gum but he can't manipulate it then. This allows Ellric to use this fruit for a wide array of purposes.

The fruit's main strength is the ability to hinder an opponent's movements and to manipulate his surroundings to his advantage. It also makes for a strong defence if used correctly. It's limited by the user's control and understanding of the ability and it's uses but Elric is lacking in neither due to the long time he has had this power.

One of it's weaknesses is that it's uses for direct attacks with only it's ability are rather limited compared to many other Devil Fruits. Other weaknesses are extreme temperatures. Under an extremely hot temperature the gum loses it's strength and under the cold it loses it's adhesiveness and elasticity as it is hardened. Furthermore it is ineffective against most Logia users. Finally it shares the common weaknesses of Devil fruits namely kairouseki, haki and turning the user in a hammer in the water.


This fruit's ability makes it easy for Elric to hinder his opponent by manipulating the surroundings to his advantage. He also uses the ability to supplement his attacks and his defence making him a formidable foe.

Some of Elric's techniques:

  • Sticky Footsteps: Everywhere Elric walks he leaves footprints of sticky gum to hinder his opponents while he himself is unaffected. While it may not seem a dangerous tactic at first as it accumulates it becomes especially annoying for the opponent.
  • Gum Cushion: By covering a part of his body in gum he can cushion blunt attacks to severely reduce the damage he takes from them.
  • Gum Shield: He can create a thick strand of gum between his hands allowing him to defend from blade attacks by catching them in the strand of gum.
  • Gum Ballista: By attaching a strand of gum to two points and increasing it's elasticity it can fire (back) projectiles depending on the amount of gum used.
  • Gum Armor: Elric covers a part of his body in Gum and then hardens it creating a strong armor increasing his defence.
  • Gum Item: He can form a variety of items and weapons by creating gum, then forming into the desired shape and then hardening it. The larger or more deatiled he wants to make something the more time it takes.


  • Elric actually liked the taste of the fruit, in fact he says it is the best tasting food he's ever had.
  • After taking the one bite of the fruit Elric's brother spat it out after a splitsecond and followed it up by vomiting. He had stomachaches and no appetite for a week, he never recovered from the trauma.
  • Due to it's name it's often confused with Gomu Gomu no Mi though having very few resemblances besides the name.

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