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What would an anime site be without download links? Not much, and that's why AnimeCrazy does have a download section. First and foremost the download links on the episode, and secondly those on the forums

why would you want to download videos if you can watch them streaming you may wonder, but this is simple really. Some files just can't be uploaded and as such need to be watched from your own PC. Other episodes may contain high-speed movements, in this case you'll want to download the link so you can actually see the movements, since these are often lost in streams.

On the Episodes

When watching an episode you wish to download, just scroll down a bit below the stream mirrors to find the download section. These offer downloads to various sites allowed by AnimeCrazy.

Please note that these relink to the noted site and are not hosted on AnimeCrazy.

Allowed Sites







Deposit Files

I suggest using Mediafire (since it doesn´t have limitations)

But Megauplaod is good as well.

I suggest not using Rapidshare, a lot of people can't connect to it, it stops downloads halfway or cuts the bandwidth given to you. Deposit Files is also a rather untrustworthy site. It's files may just disappear and it's waiting limitation can just simply restart in a way like it says 'in your face sucker'.

On the Forums

Following the following link will take you to the downloads section on the forums;

On the forums, other sites than those allowed on the main page can be used, mostly whole series or seasons are uploaded here.