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CP9's Doriki ratings, as given by Fukuro.

Doriki (道力 Dōriki?, literally meaning "Power") is basically the physical power of someone, and as such has a proportion with the Rokushiki skill. In the Viz Manga, it is called Power Level. It can be measured by Fukuro's "te-awase" (手合わ te-awase?, literally meaning "contest"), which he did so with his teammates after their first reunion in five years. A common armed soldier on average has around 10 Doriki, and according to Spandam, a Doriki of 500 or higher is easily superhuman. The terms Doriki and Te-awase are first introduced in Chapter 379 and Episode 266.[1]

According to Jabra, Doriki only measures someone's physical power and doesn't take into account the powers granted by Devil Fruits, despite that some Devil Fruits' (especially Zoan-types) side-effects directly increases someone's physical strength.[2] No more details were given on how Doriki could be botched by it.

It seems that Rob Lucci, Kaku and Jabra are the top three members of CP9 (coincidentally, they are the three human Zoan types in CP9, despite Devil Fruit powers not being taken into account), as their Doriki are all drastically higher than the others. It also seems that early on, Jabra had the highest Doriki of all of CP9 (then overtaken by Rob Lucci and Kaku); he also commented that he had never heard of a number as high as 4,000 before Rob Lucci. Nero's Doriki is never given, but Lucci declared him not to be worthy of being a CP9 member, knowing only four Rokushiki techniques.

Known Doriki Levels[]

  • Common armed Marine soldier (reference): 10
  • Rob Lucci: 4000
  • Kaku: 2200
  • Jabra: 2180
  • Blueno: 820
  • Kumadori: 810
  • Fukuro: 800
  • Kalifa: 630
  • Spandam: 9


  • Doriki can be compared to the concept of power levels in Dragon Ball, which can be measured by a scouter .


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