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The following is a guide for the layout of Devil Fruit pages. Note the Red text gives a description of what goes in each section. Where possible, supply the coding: <ref name="Insert unique name here"> </ref> alongside text as to where a piece of information came from for future and quick referencing as well as validation of information.

Supply the fruit's name here
Supply an image of fruit's powers being used here.
Japanese Name: See below[1]
English Name: See below[2]
Meaning: See below[3]
First Appearance: See below[4]
Type: See below[5]
Eaten by: See below[6]

Supply the most basic of information about the fruit here. What is the fruit's name and what it is called in the English versions of One Piece if a name exists. What is it's powers given and who ate it.

Strengths and Weaknesses[]

Supply the unique strengths given by the fruit's powers here as demonstrated by the user. Also supply here the unique weaknesses that solely belong to this fruit that are outside the standard Devil Fruit weaknesses. Certain standard weaknesses for some fruits maybe included here as long as there's a chapter or an episode that can found that could explain it in full detail

All of the devil fruit users have one common weakness, seawater, or any kinds of water that is. as long as it is stil water, like the ocean they loose their powers.

It is advisable that the strengths and weaknesses contained in this section should start out together at first as one section. However should the contents of this section start to become too large that a general reader may have trouble reading or navigating, it is advisable to split the contents of this section into two subsections called Strengths and Weaknesses.


Supply here how the fruit's powers were used in the story. Whether for combat purposes or other. Supply here also the named techniques if any involving the fruit's power. It is advisable that this section maybe split into subsections depending on it's content.


Contains the Code: <references/>. Any information reference in the article appears here.

  1. Supply how the name of the fruit is written in Japanese text here.
  2. Supply what the fruit is called in any English version if the name exists.
  3. Supply what the meaning of the fruit's name.
  4. Supply when the fruit's powers made their first appearance.
  5. Supply what type is the fruit.
  6. Supply the name of the person who ate the fruit.


At the bottom of every Devil Fruit page, please supply the Category: Devil Fruit and any other Categories of which this page falls into such as :

  • The fruit's type
  • Whether this is Non-Canon or not

This is for easy finding Via category directories.