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*blames DV*

Who the hell is he?[]

You don't know who is DeathView? Damn... *blames DV*

DeathView, aka DV, is a user on AC that currently holds the title of the top poster with over 90k posts, his overnight takeover of the number one spot from pistachio20 resulted in a 4 day binge of sorrow from the latter. He's a lazy Canadian who had Bionsan make his wikipage.[Free labor ftw]


  • He's the first thing coming to people's mind when they want to blame something.
  • His wikipage is made by Bionsan.
  • His wikipage is awesome! (since it was made by Bionsan)
  • He is a fucking awesome Canadian bastard
  • DV is to be blamed for all natural disasters deaths and outbreaks of wars
  • DV < DV > Everything