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Blogs, blogs are for everyone, whether you need to just rant, loose your frustration, need advice, want to tell the world something or feel like writing up some poetry. Be weary though, if you see strange titles such as; 'Obama created STD's' or in other words; 'Known person - horrible thing/scandal' it is highly likely that it is an ad-blog made to get people to join social groups.

The blogs are more mature-allowing then the threads but please do mind, don't post 18+ content. (text is fine... Just don't post nudity)

There aren't really any rules concerning blogs, but there is an unwritten rule you may want to know, which is the 'Please-don't-blog-spam' rule. This means people who start multiple blogs at once, this can cause frustration.

For the Blog Options, please see User CP's Blogs Section.