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BigBangAttack! is an avid Anime/Manga Watcher/Reader. His height, weight, and IQ are unknown, but there are rumours that his IQ is somewhere in the -300's.

History with the "Big Three" Jump'ers[]

Tired of Bleach fillers, as humorous as they may be, and utterly annoyed with boring, drawn out Naruto fillers with characters never before (or after) seen, BigBangAttack! moved on (or back) to manga, the origins of anime. Reading the Naruto chapters at lightning speed he realized that even when the show was following canon, it was still taking to long to get anywhere. Finishing the current chapters of the time, he started reading One Piece, as well as watching about 5 minutes of each Naruto filler episode. After almost catching up with the One Piece manga, he abandoned the sad anime known as Naruto and started reading Bleach along with One Piece. Abandoning One Piece without knowing it, he did not want to begin watching again because of both time constraints and awesomeness of the newest arc. Bleach was also dropped soon after for the same reasons as Naruto, then was NOT picked up again due to the same reasons as One Piece. In other words, he screwed all anime's of the big three and started reading way to much manga for his own good.

Why BigBangAttack! ???[]

History Lesson.

BigBangAttack! joined an Anime forum much like AnimeCrazy that was extremely popular at the time. The reason for joining was to re-watch Dragon Ball Z, his favourite and only childhood anime. Downloading 5 episodes at a time he watched the series about 3 times before actually noticing that it was an "Anime", and that there were other "Anime". Obsessed with Final Flash and BigBangAttack (Vegeta in General), he wrote in the registration form in the Username "BigBangAttack!", and that was how it all began.

After being on other Graphics, Coding, and Anime forums, under the name MasterShade taken from his gaming days in later parts of his life, he one day noticed that the popular site he was going to had suddenly been taken down and replaced with a "Coming Soon". Feeling a thirst for a popular forum, he scoured the internet until he came upon the place the AnimeCrazy, where he saw the forums but was immediately sucked in by all the Anime. After watching a giganticus amount of Anime in a minimal amount of time which cannot be spoken of because it will cause heart attack from WTF(Wendy's Toxic Fries), he finally made an account on AnimeCrazy forums, made an introduction, and was not seen again for months.

The reason why he once again took up the name BigBangAttack! was because it had some sentimental value as his first user/nickname.


BigBangAttack! has not added a single episode or mirror to AC.

BigBangAttack! is a member of the ACOJ (AnimeCrazy Odd Jobs).

BigBangAttack! plans to do a lot of work for the ACOJ after Provincial Exams.

BigBangAttack! made up all these trivia questions while supposedly doing a Math Test.

BigBangAttack! is secretly rofl'd at by Tony_walther