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How to navigate through this Wiki?

Though I expect you to be able to find whatever you need in a normal wiki, due to this one not having categories yet it may be a bit more difficult

It is, actually, fairly easy to navigate through the pages in this wiki. Just remember the following ground rule 'Everything is in a subclass'. This means that the Avatar info can be found in the User CP section, since the Avatar is a part of the User CP

This accounts to all the pages in this wiki.

You may want to know though, that the main index, is to the top right of this page. (Main page, forums, users and social groups)

Points of Interest

What can I do to help?
  • Pictures
  • User info (You may send in info on others, but only if they have ok'd the profile page)
  • Social Group info (You may send in info, but only if the founder has ok'd the profile page)
  • Typo's

That's pretty much all, please send in your info here via vm;


These are summaries of the full info pages.

29/04/10 | ACManga Viewer up
21/03/10 | User input allowed in users/social groups
20/03/10 | Testing new layout and suggestions
14/03/10 | AnimeCrazy Wiki is public beta
03/03/10 | Start of AnimeCrazy Wiki
00/00/00 | News

Some helpful stuff

The wiki's background problem has been fixed, but people may think this color is fugly, so if you want to change this. Here's what you do;

-Log in

-In the top-right click on the 'More' button

-Click on preferences

-Go to the tab 'Skin'

-Click on the little white dot for the one you want

-Uncheck the box for 'Let the admins override my skin choice'

-Scroll down and click on 'Save' in the lower-left area

I hope this'll help you all with your skins.

Wiki staff comments

Hi all and welcome to the AnimeCrazy Wiki, you can find our latest info in the news section.